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Labor Only Self Moving Services

With the increased growth of the DIY self moving and mobile self storage the last few years, there has been an increase in labor only moving services. Call up most any licensed and insured moving companies and they will be happy to provide you with labor to load your POD, ocean container, or rental truck. Most licensed movers will charge your their standard hourly rate which includes a truck as well as their costs for that truck.

Some licensed movers may offer a rate labor only movers. You can call and ask, or you can try one of the many labor only directory companies.  They work as an eBay type of marketplace to connect movers and DIY movers. They have licensed movers and unlicensed movers. Some of these websites will state if the mover you want to hire are licensed as an full service mover. A moving service provider that does not have a US DOT or State DOT number may be less expensive and fit your needs, and they are so green they don’t even need a truck. They also may not bring moving equipment you may need such as dollys for elevator buildings, Commercial bins, moving blankets, or last minute packing materials such as tape or boxes. By Uhaul




Some chore outsourcing companies also provide moving services