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Recycled and Used Boxes

Why buy when you can reuse and save the planet? Ask your friends and neighbors for their used moving boxes. Not all boxes are designed to be used for moving. There are standard sizes of moving boxes. For example 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 5.2 mirror cartons, files boxes. Each box is designed for a specific use, also the strength of the box is incorporated into the box design, because each box is designed to hold different densities of items. The dimensions of moving cartons are designed to work together when stacked in a moving truck or van. Also movers are familiar with carrying moving boxes. The weight distribution is balanced. trying to stack smaller liquor boxes car cause them to fall when the movers carry them on their back also they will take more trip and take longer to stack so what you save in free non using boxes you will pay more in increased labor. Do not put too much weight into a box that is not designed to carry it.

A paper towel box is designed to hold lightweight paper towels, not books. A 1.5 cuft box is designed to hold books and CDs. The dimensions of a standard size book carton (also called a small box) is 16″ x 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″. A 1.5 cubic foot box will fill up pretty quickly with books. Full it will weight 50 – 75 lbs. Movers will usually carry 2 at a time on their back. a 4.5 cubic foot box will hold 3 time the books (150-200 lbs) but it will require 2 men to carry it. That is if they don’t refuse to do so or if the box does not break on the way out to the truck.

If you cant find boxes from you friends and neighbors. There are some free listings online. You can try the local or in your area. You may also other classified websites such as or eBay’s Some moving companies offer free or reduced cost used moving boxes.

Buying moving supplies and boxes online well in advance of your move will save you money. Often a customer may need them that day or the next. If you plan in advance and order wholesale online you can save. So order from and get brand new boxes delivered free to your door. Self storage centers and moving companies will sell you boxes at a retail rate. Big box stores such as Costco, Home Depot and Staples sell moving boxes at retail prices.

There are also some companies that will sell you odd lot boxes or used cardboard boxes.

It is human nature to minimize the amount of boxes you will need, so order more boxes that you think you will need. Most moving companies will accepted their unused boxes back for credit as well as Uhaul and Public Storage.

A somewhat new concept in the moving industry is renting “boxes”. Or more specifically renting plastic crates. Cardboard can only be recycled so many times. A plastic crate can be use hundreds if not thousands of times. And the plastic crate can be manufactured from recycled materials. Some moving companies offer this option and some companies perform only the renting of boxes.  These are not flexible plastic rubbermaid bins but a hard durable plastic with two integrated hinged flaps on top.